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Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape, 1.88 inches x 800 inches, 6 Rolls with Dispenser, 1.5 inch Core (142-6)

by Scotch


Guaranteed to Stay Sealed. *Proof of purchase required for reimbursement or replacement of tape. Contact: 1-800-3MHELPS
Provides excellent holding power for heavy-duty packaging and shipping
Strong seal on all box types, including harder-to-stick-to 100% recycled boxes. Seals seams with one strip so boxes stay closed.
Strong, durable solvent-free hot melt adhesive seals and protects. Your heavy packages can bear the weight and stay sealed through it all.
Release coating makes unwind easy.
3.1 mil thick, Resists slivering, splitting and tearing. You don't need layers of tape to get the job done - Just one strip - so you save time.
Scotch Brand's strongest clear-to-the-core packaging tape
Clear backing and instant adhesion
Meets U.S. Postal regulations for standard packages
Made in USA with US and globally sourced materials


Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape seals seams with one strip and keeps boxes closed. It also resists slivering, splitting and tearing. Now even the heaviest packages can withstand rough handling.

Customers Reviews

Good - but note that these are the smaller rolls

4.0 out of 5.0 by A on June 24, 2015
This is fairly standard & a good product. Just note these are the SMALL rolls... which isn't that clear from the pic (or estimating how much 800 inches is in your head). I have posted a picture comparing the small rolls (22 yard) to the big rolls (56 yard).

This 6-pack lasted through two home moves with 30-40 boxes that I packed, often taped with 3 strips on each side (due to some boxes being used / weak). And, there were still two rolls left. So, that's about how much you can expect them to last if you're using it for moving. I think it's a good deal. The tape quality is great - no issue there at all.

When you buy these individually at a drugstore, the price is double. I just got tried the "noise free" ones on amazon, and those are great! They're at the other link (a little more expensive, but if you hate the tape screech noise... check it out). Scotch Sure Start Shipping Packaging Tape with Refillable Dispenser, 1.88 in x 38.2 yd (3450S-RD) (These are 38.2 yard on the larger roll - just less tape than the normal large roll).

Edit 2017: I just moved again. I had 20 boxes and used all 6 rolls. They went very fast. Something changed here. There's no way these have as much tape as they did in 2015 when I made it through 2 moves and still had tape left over (and used more boxes). I haven't looked into pricing but the larger rolls might be a better idea.
A winner , read review for important info

5.0 out of 5.0 by max muhsarfagbutres on February 29, 2016
Unlike other people let me start by saying that I bought this item at full price and received no compensation for writing this review.i do a lot of packaging and this tape is tough, I have gone thru several rolls and it did not tear on me and get stuck on the roll like other brands, when taping boxes it is tough and sticks well, each roll is ready to go on its own dispenser, a winner product ... I'm in a competition with my friend so If you find my honest non compensated review helpful please rate my review as helpful,
Great packaging tape

5.0 out of 5.0 by TheHobbyGuy on September 23, 2017
This is your standard packing tape. This set was nice and cheap and the same high quality you can expect from scotch packing tape. The tape cutter that is built onto these rolls actually works very well.

Dimensions of the tape roll can be seen in the photos I have uploaded.

Included are six (6) rolls of tape with a plastic tape cutter shell.

*Secures packages well
*The tape cutter works well


Overall: 5/5 stars (>=.5 rounds up, <.5 rounds down) => 5 stars

If you have any further questions regarding the product in my review please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Excellent packing tape is a must for any home

5.0 out of 5.0 by Dad and Mom in SC on October 20, 2017
Good quality packing tape. Not sure what else needs to be said. This tape is much better than some off-brands that shred too easily. It really is frustration-free. I will offer one tip, which I'm sure many already know: Between uses, fold the front edge of the tape by just a centimeter or so and lay it back on the roll. This makes it so much easier to use the tape the next time you need it.

Now, no one said you have to use it just for packing. I find all kinds of uses for this, and it's so handy to have a few around the house. It's great if you're mailing packages, but I use it for disposable projects, small temporary repairs, and I even use it to remove old sticker residue on video game cases (which is so much cleaner and less smelly than using a solvent).

5.0 out of 5.0 by JW on March 14, 2016
My husband and I own our own business, and we ship out a lot of packages each week. Shipping/packaging tape is obviously a must for us, but not something I always remember to buy on my weekly shopping trips. Amazon to the rescue! I have these on my subscribe & save so I never have to worry about running out of tape. This particular item comes in a nice little box with six rolls of tape in it. Each roll has its own dispenser, which I don't find to be necessary, but I guess it's nice to just grab a new roll out of the box and not have to worry about putting it into a dispenser. Each roll is 1..88 inches x 800 inches. Note that these are the smaller rolls, not the wider ones. They are perfect though for sealing up the edges of boxes. This tape is very strong and I have yet to have a problem getting it to stick and hold my boxes shut. The packaging says that it's "heavy duty" and I would have to agree! I highly recommend this shipping/packaging tape for any of your mailing needs!
Issue Workarounds

4.0 out of 5.0 by Foghorn Leghorn on April 30, 2018
It's hard to give a roll of tape a 5-star review. I have never met a perfect roll of tape. There are always issues. Some issues have been pointed out by other consumers, usually accompanied by frustration, which is understandable. I have experienced them myself. Some of these issues have workarounds, which is why I am posting this review. Yes, sometimes the tape will fall back down onto the roll and be very hard to get back off of it. However, if you'll look at the underbelly of the dispenser, you will see two small hooks sticking out. If you press the end of the roll down on these hooks (more appropriately called platforms), it will stay there until the next time you use it. When putting away the tape after use, the alternative is to bend the end of the tape down under itself to create a tab, which will not stick to the roll.

Another common complaint involves the length of the tape. Yes, these are the small rolls. It might be easier to compare length by yards instead of inches. There are 36 inches in a yard, so a roll of 800 inches is approximately 22 yards. The large rolls are usually 56 yards, so that might make it a little easier to identify roll length sight unseen, since the small rolls look similar to the large ones in the pictures.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Edgar Sanchez on April 21, 2018
This is by far the best tape I have ever used in my lifetime. I recently have shipped several items. And after going through a few tapes from cheap 99 cent ones to a scotch sure start shipping. And to finally this. I can finally say. My shipping has gone through the roof in confidence! With each tape that I’ve gone up.

There is no doubt that it does not get better than this! If you see in my pictures I think that is how they rate from top to bottom. From best to worse. BUT all tapes have there uses. Some tapes last longer in climate and weather and long storage like the storage tape you. see in my pictures. Others for basic shipping the sure start scotch tape is good. But if you want all your packages to be well taped up and well protected you cannot go wrong with this.

Honestly I would choose this one even over the sure start one from scotch. Because I noticed that this one actually GRIPS like really sticks hard to any boxes. It’s insane! I actually was able to remove the other sure start tape easily. With a bit of effort. But this one. This one takes more force. And so that is why it’s SUPER heavy duty. I’ve been shipping all my items with the sure start tape. And as you can see I almost ran out of it. And so I decided to purchase this. Because why not!? Well. Now from here on I will be purchasing only this type of tape! It exceeds and meets and even overqualifies my expectations. And that is saying ALOT since I tried several tapes. It’s my favorite tape! :D and not only that. You get 6 of them for the price of 10-12$! That’s an amazing deal! Great quality! And yes the tapes are much smaller. But I love it that way! Much more portable and easier to tape up items.

I actually think it’s the same amount of tape as the bigger ones! Just on a smaller roll. As the bigger ones go over a longer length. I think it will last me quite awhile however. And if I run out. I’ll buy more. Thank you to scotch for making this amazing product. And I’m sure everyone out there who ships and boxes up items. They too can agree that this tape is incredible.
Same label, not the same tape.

1.0 out of 5.0 by Why on April 30, 2017
I had finally found some nice thick packaging tape that didn't split when I tried to use it. I triple-checked every word on the label to make sure I was ordering the same thing...but this tape is thinner material, and more brittle, it crackles as you attempt to pull it off the roll. I was trying to tape up a pair of shoes for Amazon to exchange for a different size, but I didn't get the job done. So I'm returning this heavy box of tape. The postage may be more than the return value, but someone should really check their supplier on this.
The only shipping tape I will use!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Emily on February 23, 2016
Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging tape is the only tape I use when I am shipping items from my home based business. Personally I like the smaller rolls like this set of 6. For some reason I have never been able to successfully use the tape guns so these smaller tapes work so much better for me.

This tape is lightweight but is super strong. In all my years of shipping things I've never once had a complaint about the packaging coming untaped or anything like that. It sticks well to most surfaces that you would be shipping with. The price is reasonable. In all of the years I've been shipping I've only had one bad batch (and I've been through a lot of tape) and the company easily fixed my problem. Don't be lured to by some of the other cheap tapes if you really want to make sure your packages arrive to their destination! This is the only tape for me!
Moving Sucks, But This Can Save You Some Much Needed Money

5.0 out of 5.0 by Youneedabiscuit on June 1, 2017
Moving is cost-intensive, even if you totally DIY. I used to be the sucker that bought my packaging tape at an office big box store or Target (office big box store with dollar bin section!) Then I remembered that Amazon sells way more than just books and found this deal. I also used to save money by just buying the giant rolls of tape and hand cutting the pieces with scissors. But at this price I sprung for the dispensers and I'm glad I did! I forgot how many picture frames I needed to wrap in moving paper and how many didn't fit with just one sheet of moving paper. The built in tear off made things sooo much easier! Moving will likely still suck, but these make it a little bit easier.