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Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach 30 Volume Box Kit

by Manic Panic

Estimate to be delivered 18 Dec - 21 Dec


Fast Action
Powerful Lift
Kit Comes With Tint Brush, Gloves, and Hair Cap. (Gloves and Cap located inside tub)
30 Volume Box.


For The Ultimate Dramatic Color Results When You Dye Your Hair, You Have To Bleach Your Hair First. You Can Get Amazing Blonde Results, Too! Best Choice For Pre- Lightening Hair Before Using Special Effects Hair Dye. Can Be Used To Bleach Hair That Is Medium Blond Or Medium Brown To Make It Pale Yellow Or White. Good For Frosting, Streaking And Tipping On Light Brown Or Medium Brown Hair. For Long Hair, We Recommend You Buy 2 Kits.

Customers Reviews

powerful bleach. be careful on sensitive skin.

5.0 out of 5.0 by JD on March 16, 2015
Wow am I glad I used 30 volume instead of 40!! I was tiny bit sloppy with my bleach and got some on my scalp. I had some small burns which scabbed up. Also it bleached my skin. Some fell on my legs and it bleached a spot on my legs. This is powerful stuff. I didn't realize it was burning head. It was tingling pretty bad but I had no idea it was actually burning. I have a high tolerance for pain. I didn't know!

I had to buy 3 kits to use on my hair, which is thick and just past my shoulders. I used all 3. I started out with dark brown hair, like a milk chocolate color. Before using this bleach I got my hair down to a greenish dirty blonde using blonde box dye from loreal and and a drugstore highlighting kit. I used the cap to pull hair through the cap to get parts of my hair more blonde than the rest. When I applied the bleach these pieces were more blonde in the end so they are a slightly different color since I put my manic panic mystic heather on over that. I think the effect is pretty neat. I was not looking for perfectly even coverage.

After leaving this bleach on for about 30 mins, I rinsed and then deep conditioned. My hair was really damaged on the ends but the better part of my hair looks fine. I was left with mostly the pale lemon shade you want before dying with manic panic but some prices were reddish or orangish. I used virgin snow toner and that helped some but it didn't go away fully. I was not willing to keep bleaching because I'd already processed my hair so much at that point. I'm happy with my results.

I have two friends who do hair and one colors her hair with manic panic a lot and she says to get pale enough to do pastel color I should have bleached my hair another time on those orange bits and then used toner once or twice.

I highly suggest setting up two mirrors so you can see the front and back of your head when you bleach, and also have a helper. I also suggest buying one extra kit of bleach in case you need it. If you don't use it after all, you can use it when you do your roots.
No damage essentially, great for putting in funky colors right after.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jalissa on November 30, 2017
Love this stuff! I bleached my hair for the first time. For some reference: I have naturally medium/dark brown hair. I have somewhat curly, "combination" hair. I am mixed, so my when my hair is curly it's very curly, but when it's straight it is kind of greasy even without products. I had gotten my hair bleached once before professionally, so I knew my hair took the bleach extremely fast (the hairdresser had to tone my platinum blonde highlights!). Knowing this, I started with the 30 volume bleach, and only left it on for 20 minutes. I was able to get it to a orangey color, which was fine because I was putting a very dark color over it (punky color purple). I left the punky color on for 20 mins and ended up with a magenta type color. Bottom line, this stuff allowed me to put a funky color in my hair without damaging it AT ALL. Seriously, my hair is in great condition. I made sure not to wash for like 2 weeks beforehand, so that may have played a role too.

One thing to note is that I have shoulder length hair with an undercut, and only did the tips/ombre effect on my hair and I used more than half the container. If you have thick hair, or anything past even chin length, get two boxes. In my case, I took it off before it got really blonde and did not have enough to re-dye the ends. Also, if you are going from medium/dark like me, you will absolutely need toner UNLESS you are putting in a darker funky color afterwards.
It works for me.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on August 16, 2017
I have about 4 feet of hair from the top of my head so this was a little tricky for me to do alone. I only bleached the bottom 2 feet or so in case I ruined it. Never done anything like this before, so I figured I could cut it off if one of those horror stories in the 1- star reviews actually happened to me.

I have naturally deep, black, thick wavy hair. I'm Samoan/Chinese/German, so suffice it to say I don't have much of a leg up on getting my hair dyed to the actual colors advertised on other products. The picture I posted is the result of 4 bleach washes on various sections of my hair over the course of 4 weeks. The bottom of my hair actually looks a lot lighter blonde when it's dry; it appears dark in the photo because of the coconut oil I left in it to keep it from losing its strength. I am going at this slowly and methodically in order to eventually dye my hair.

My suggestion to potential buyers would be to patient with regards to the lifting of the melanin. Expecting a platinum blonde when bleaching dark hair one time is just asking for your hair to get burned off. I left the product in my hair for 30 minutes each time. The product actually conditions your hair, so expect to feel fluffy clouds on your head when you wash the bleach out. I usually shampoo and condition the product away and rub virgin coconut oil in my hair before it dries. I haven't experienced much breakage, so good luck!
The lift on this is amazing, but be sure not to keep it in ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Katharina M. on August 12, 2016
The lift on this is amazing, but be sure not to keep it in too long. I've actually left in other bleaches too long and had no issues, but with this one I once forgot and had some intense breakage. However, that's totally my error. My advice is just to not push your luck with times when using this!
So I decided to go with this because my best friend said this was strong

4.0 out of 5.0 by Huey on October 15, 2017
So this was my very first time bleaching my hair (I'm 100% natural, with realky thick curly hair), and my hair is jet black. So I decided to go with this because my best friend said this was strong. It worked sooo well and it didn't have like a bad odor. Although on about three parts of my hair it didn't work as fast as the other parts (some parts of my hair were light brown and blonde after about 7-13 minutes) I still liked it alot. My hair actually bleached mostly blonde but some parts are lighter and darker (I guess my hair is weird) but I'm not complaining, the outcome of it being dyed makes me look a bit like fire so I like it. 😂 I will buy this again, and if my hair grows all the way out I'll use the 40 for the reallyyy dark pieces.
Directions were very clear. Went from Dark Brown to Blonde in 1 application. Ruined my hair.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kevin M-H on October 21, 2017
This stuff works too well! I used it only 2 times in the space of 2 weeks, and even after the first one my hair went from a medium-dark brown color to bleached blonde wherever I had it saturated with the created mixture. I ordered another one right after to try patch up some of the spots I had missed (and thus were still brown), and only wound up making some of the blonde parts blonder than others and getting more than half, but not almost all, of the remaining brown to blonde.
This is an amazingly high-strength product and I cannot and do not blame the product itself for how bad my hair got messed up-- it got all dry, crunchy, and straw-like from the shoulders down and I had hair that was down to about 1/4 of the way from the tops of my shoulders to my waist... I wound up having it cut to just barely longer than shoulder length and losing about the last 2 and a half years' worth of hair growth. Please, for the love of God, if you use this then make sure you take it slow and coat your hair as evenly as possible. If you can follow the instructions & not do a lackluster job effort-wise, you're golden, otherwise you'll just wind up destroying your hair like I did with mine.
Love this!

5.0 out of 5.0 by krista singh on November 13, 2014
I bought this to bleach my hair at home. I already went through two processes at a hair stylist and she just wasn't getting the white/platinum color that I wanted. I used this and the instructions were easy to follow and it did exactly what I wanted it to! My black Asian hair (which is hard to strip) turned blonde! Will be buying again.
Love this

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kassi on April 2, 2018
After spending $200+ at the salon where I got the opposite of what I wanted (went in to get lightened/professional ombré came out with “rose gold” hair that was straight up pink) I was super bummed. I’ve been dyeing my own hair since I was 14 just because of this reason. I hadn’t bleached my hair in years and it was time for a freshen up. I used to be platinum blonde and have used every bleach kit under the sun this without a doubt is my favorite. So after my salon fail I decided to give it another go on my own. Having had a few bleach disasters over the years I was a little nervous. My hair has grown to more than double the length since I last bleached it and pre bleaching is super healthy. So I lathered up with coconut oil left it in over night and bleached in the morning with more coconut oil. I was most nervous about bleaching an ombré on myself but it went amazing. My hair needed only 20 mins processing time and turned out exactly how I wanted. So baffled that a trained professional took 2+ hours and bowls of baylage and ended up giving me pink hair and a terrible cut/color not even dyeing the underside of my hair at all and I spent $20 on two boxes of manic panic and got it perfect. I have used manic panic for over a decade and I am beyond in love. My pyschedelic sunset/sunshine hair looks amazing with a fresh bleach and I am so happy. Going to do a few treatments to restore some of the shine and health but nothing I wasn’t ready for after bleaching. All in all best bleach kit there is
Really good at lightening black hair

5.0 out of 5.0 by luz on February 19, 2017
I used this product to touch up my dark roots. It really did a pretty good job at it. This product is very strong, the more time you leave it on, the lighter your hair gets. If you want to use this bleach for your whole hair I recommend using 2 boxes, if you have shoulder length or longer hair.
Soft Curls

5.0 out of 5.0 by Rick on February 5, 2018
Really nice bleach! I have medium brown curly hair, and was looking to dye the tips of my hair- which I had never done before. I left this in for about 30 minutes. The resulting left my hair blondish, closer to brown than to white. This color for bleaching was alright, as my preferred end result was to go for something with a brown undertone. Given just that, I probably wouldn't have given this product 5 stars. BUT, what I'm most impressed with is the softness of my hair after bleaching. My hair is already fairly dry, but the bleaching really didn't damage it that much. I assume if I had bleached it several times over this would be a different story, but for now I'm really pleased with the softness of my hair.