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Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 x 11.4 -Inches, 3 mil thick, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)

by Scotch


8.9 in x 11.4 in for letter size documents
Photo safe*
100 per package
Great for signs, schedules, certificates, kids artwork, and more


Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches protect documents you handle frequently.These thermal laminating pouches are for use with thermal laminators. Pouches are clear to let important information show through. Letter size

Customers Reviews

Perfect for Pecs Communication Cards!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Alma Ortiz on April 20, 2016
My son has Autism and can't talk so I use this to make him pecs communication cards and it works like a charm. I love how I can cut the cards out after laminating them and not have to worry about them falling apart.
Great, easy-to-use pouches

5.0 out of 5.0 by JenJen on January 20, 2016
I love these pouches. I use them with the Scotch laminator. They are very easy to use, and I never have air bubbles. The directions say you can send the pouch through the laminator a second time if it did not fully seal, but that has never been a problem for me. I teach, so I laminate a lot. It is so convenient to have a laminator and laminating pouches at home. I laminate regular size papers, and I laminate construction paper and card stock. All of these laminate well in these pouches. The pouches look a little cloudy out of the box. Do not let that worry you -- they come out clear after laminating.

Because I like to be able to scan quickly for the pros/cons, here you go...
-easy to use
-fully seals a variety of papers despite thickness (regular copy paper, construction paper, card stock)
-you can use dry erase markers on laminated papers and they erase easily (this is great for the classroom)
-preserves papers / documents / child's art work / recipes, etc.

-none other than the pouches appear cloudy straight from the box, and that can be worrisome (they laminate clear though!)

I have bought multiple packs of these laminating pouches, and I will continue to purchase worries because they always come out perfect.
Some worked well

3.0 out of 5.0 by Heather B. on June 16, 2017
These did an ok job. I'm a teacher so I do a lot of laminating, I have to say though, that I prefer the Apache brand sheets found here:
You can see in my picture one of my classroom items I laminated and how it almost looks frosted in the corner, that's because you can actually open that edge up, many of my laminations happened this way but only with the Scotch brand. I got these when they had a lightening deal but would not purchase at full price
Superior quality

5.0 out of 5.0 by Danielle on January 7, 2016
I love these Scotch Thermal pouches. I've been using them for years mainly for crafts that I either sell or make as gifts. I use both the 3mm and 5mm and they are both great. I've tried store brand laminating sheets before when I've been in a bind and really needed pouches and nothing can really compare to the quality of these thermal pouches. I really like these larger size pouches and didn't realize until very recently that they also come in legal paper size and now I definitely want to try those as well. If you purchase these for use with your laminating machine you won't be sorry!

One of the best qualities that I like about these pouches when compared to other cheaper brand or store brand pouches is that the things I put inside the pouch to laminate (for example, handmade tags) don't shift when I go to put the pouch into the machine. I've had others where you fit everything (I'm usually laminating a bunch of small little pieces of paper) in the pouch and you go to lift it up to put in the machine and things start falling out or shifting and landing on top of each other. That is a real pain because it wastes time and it's just frustrating - that doesn't happen with these Scotch pouches. They almost have a sort of cling to them which I really, really like.

If you are a paper crafter, you definitely need to try these pouches for your laminating machine!
Easy to use

5.0 out of 5.0 by soccer mom on November 3, 2016
I've used these laminating pouches with the Scotch Thermal Laminating machine and they work perfectly with them! One of the short edges is sealed so you can slide whatever you need in the pouch, feed it into the machine without a sleeve or any type of extra cover, and it comes out the other side, laminated! No wrinkles, no bubbles, just perfect! It easily fits an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, with a nice border around it, or you can load as many smaller things into the sheet that can fit.

I have laminated photos, cardstock, paper and other various things using this and have been pleased with the results each time. You can even laminate something as a whole sheet and cut it up after, and the lamination won't unravel, peel or come off.
Just as expected.

5.0 out of 5.0 by The consumer's voice on October 2, 2017
Got a laminating device? Need something laminated?

Here's your product.

Seems to work very well with my laminating machine. Despite the instructions on the packaging, you can cut the pouches if you want to laminate something smaller than a full sheet. Another plus here is that unlike the older laminating machines, you do not need to use a "manila folder" to wrap around the pouches before feeding this into the device. This may differ if you are using an older style machine, and for reference, I used these with a "Scotch 2 Roller System, Fast Warm-up, Quick Laminating Thermal Laminator (TL901C-T )"
WONDERFUL and EASY to use!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Used to Bake on August 18, 2015
These 3 mil-thick laminating pouches are FANTASTIC. Though they will only accommodate items up to the size of a piece of legal paper, they are still absolutely WONDERFUL.

~~ They are nice and THICK! The laminate available on many commercial laminating machines (such as those at schools or office supply stores) is thin, so even a laminated piece of paper is floppy. These pouches, however, are 3 mil thick, which makes for a much more substantial item once it is laminated. Therefore, they can stand up to abuse! I laminated papers I needed to stay legible when thrown in a camping backpack and when exposed to sweat and water. These pouches are thick enough that my back-to-back papers laminated in the pouches were able to withstand such abuse.

~~ They can be used with dry-erase markers. I laminated bingo boards for kids to use with dry-erase markers, and they are able to be used, erase, used, erase, used, erased, and so on. They still look new!

~~ They can be used with poster-board-thick paper. I have laminated business cards, thick fliers, brochures, and other papers that are thicker than standard printer paper. I ran into no issues whatsoever!

~~ They are easy to use! One end is sealed, but the other three sides are open. That allows you to arrange items as you need them to be arranged before sending them through the machine.

~~ The price is VERY reasonable here on Amazon. I've paid as much as 0.48/each for a box of 50 of these pouches, which is outrageous. The prices here are much more reasonable! Of course it usually works out best to purchase in "bulk." :)
Excellent product, durable laminated goods

5.0 out of 5.0 by Isabelle S. on September 2, 2015
Got these because I ran out of my original pack of 50. So this latest buy was a second purchase for me and this time I got the bigger pack.

When you first look at these, they look a bit opaque, but come out crystal clear from the laminator. The paper inside is water resistant. This is a must for a mother of preschoolers and in particular for a homeschooler. I've laminated a number of things. Including "power disks" to play Wild Kratts for my kids that I laminated two years ago and they are still around getting played with. I made custom labels for our luggage and tied them to suitcases with yarn: they survived 9 airplanes as checked luggage.

Currently I am making sight word packets. They really make going through the sight word drill easier, and the laminated paper feels like very sturdy playing cards. I'm sure that these will last until my daughter needs sight word drills.

You can also use a dry erase marker on these and wipe clean. Super convenient.

These pouches open all the way to allow you to place the paper inside. I've never had any issues with air bubbles or wrinkles. This is an excellent product.
It will also be great for small maps I give my customers for their ...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Judith A. Zavala on May 16, 2017
I have been using the smaller thermal laminating sheets for awhile to laminate insurance cards for my customers and sometimes I laminate their airline cards for them. I bought this because I thought it was cheaper than buying yearly calendars that are laminated and am finding other uses for it, such as a phonetic alphabet sheet to help me spell things for my vendors in a way that is not confusing. It will also be great for small maps I give my customers for their trips. I am sure you can find many uses for it too. This, with my Scotch Laminator are a great pairing.
Great Product...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jeremy on February 26, 2018
Nothing negative that I can say about this product, other than it provides a great barrier for the recipes that I print off. The problem with printer ink (especially the type that I buy), the ink runs in the presence of any water elements. You could use clear tape, or simply get a laminating pouch by Scotch (who also make the tape that you would use as an alternative to laminating pouches) and have it reliably done. I REALLY wouldn't suggest using an iron; because #1: It's a hazard if you're tired and you get frustrated. #2: It's time consuming and easier to spend $20 on a laminator from Amazon or another group like Scotch, and save the risk of burning down your house or making your landlord frown. And finally #3: For all that is good in the world, please don't burn down your house or apartment using an Iron to laminate. I've personally done it for touch-ups, otherwise it's not that expensive or difficult to store a modern laminator that is specifically designed to use these pouches.