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Canon MX492 Wireless All-IN-One Small Printer with Mobile or Tablet Printing, Airprint and Google Cloud Print Compatible

by Canon


The space-saving small printer fits about anywhere in your home, office or dorm
Air Print: Print wirelessly and effortlessly from your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch --no drivers needed
Print and scan photos or documents from your mobile device using the free Canon PRINT app
Save time with the fully integrated Auto Document Feeder
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Small Footprint and Business Quality Printing right from your Smartphone or Tablet

Customers Reviews

Easy to set up Print/Scan/Fax all in 1

5.0 out of 5.0 by The Fair Critic on December 27, 2017
This little printer works great! I looked at it at Best Buy and found it on Amazon for much less. This printer connects quickly to any computer, tablet, or smartphone or can be connected via a cable directly to any USB capable printer.
Prints: Color or Black/White
Photocopy/Scans: Multiple pages at once using the top feed tray or one page at a time using the glass scan screen
Fax: Faxes using any established phone line.

I would recommend this for an at home printer for moderate use. We print about 20-40 sheets a week and it holds up great! I would not recommend it for heavy printing or faxing.

Hope this review was helpful, let me know if you have any questions!
it works like a champ

4.0 out of 5.0 by Ryan on July 15, 2017
For those of you who have complained this printer is really loud, it jams all the paper, and it doesn't work--I figured it out. At least for me, it was the ridge just behind the ink heads. See attached image. For me, they were slightly raised (I'm guessing due to rough transportation). Just push it down firmly with your fingers, on both sides of the ink, and you should hear a click. After that, it works like a champ.

I will agree with everyone else though, software isn't great, nor is the installation workflow. I'd recommend to the developers that you just have the user connect to the wireless AP the printer gives off in the very beginning, and have them redirected to a webpage where you can select the wireless AP you want the printer to connect to and a more intuitive wizard on getting it set up/configured/tested/cleaned, etc. It took me a bit to figure out how to bypass WPS and manually set it up--and I've got a number of special characters and upper/lower case letters... it took me a bit to figure out you had to hit * to change the keyboard between Upper/Lower/Number. Having a webpage for me to use my keyboard/smartphone would have alleviated this.

Last minor thing that contributed to taking a star off was that in certain errors, there is no way to clear them but a power off/on, which was frustrating when I was troubleshooting the above issue.

Other than all that, 4 solid stars from me. It's cheap and get's the job done.
Get the printer that fits your needs. Rely on a printer made by a company you can rely on.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Christine Ehren on April 14, 2016
This is an update on my previous review. My printer started having paperfeed problems. As in paper would not feed. I called Amazon Customer Service, had a delightful chat w a youg lady there, she confirmed I was within warranty and gave me the number for Canon. I spoke to the technical department at Canon, and after exploring all the possible problems The technical department decided to send a replacement. Wow. I am so pleased by Canon's & Amazon's cusomer service.

This is a fine printer for at home, where you might only print your kid's homework, the occasional downloaded pattern or a form you need to fill out and mail, or if your kid did some artwork in a computer program that they want to print out and keep, or you want to print out some photos to share or scrapbook or what have you. It doesn't hold a lot of paper, so if you want a printer to print out all of your wedding invitations on, no, this is not for you. If you're going to print out all your Christmas cards, it depends on how many people are on your Christmas card list. More than 50, I would say probably not. It does a fine job with everything I've given it to do, but I haven't asked for more than 5 pages at a time, and that is plenty right now. Our kid is off at college, and my husband does his printing at the office, so it is just recipe cards, the occasional photo, and a letter or two. I plan to do some scanning, because there's stuff to share with the family that is only on paper right now. It will be nice once everybody has a digital copy. I was really annoyed about getting a new printer, because the last one cost me $200 and we had barely used it and the ink was so $%&^* expensive all the time. It was nice to pay less than $100 but I did check around and see who charged what for ink this time because I did not want to have to take money out of the grocery budget to buy ink every time lol. I did not buy the cheapest printer because the cheap one was highway robbery on ink, you check it out. I have a mac. I did not have too much difficulty with setting up my computer once I got all my software updates for my OS done. You just go to the Canon website and you can download whatever you need. Just remember to spell Canon right. I kept typing in Cannon and getting the wrong website. So there you go, learn from my mistakes!
Inexpensive Printer Flawed by Questionable Software

4.0 out of 5.0 by David B on November 20, 2016
Normally I don't bother to write reviews until I've used the product for a few months, but in this case I'm making an exception.

I've actually had this printer kicking around for a week now, but took (what I thought would be) a few moments to set it up. I wanted a wireless printer so that I could print from both my desktop and laptop. Sadly, that isn't going to happen. The software will not recognize that the printer is connected to the network.

I've tried both the manual and WPS method and Canon's software will not recognize that the printer exists. I've restarted the PC after adding it to my wireless network and Windows recognizes the wireless printer, but requires the rest of the drivers to be installed. But Canon's software will not recognize that the printer exists, despite that fact that I have the Network Connections screen open and I can see that the printer actually is connected to the wi-fi network

Plug in the USB cable and it's instantly recognized. So for all that hassle, it loses 2 stars right from the beginning.


- Small foot print. This is ideal for me because the the printer will eventually get relocated and the new space is smaller than it's current location. Yet it will fit nicely without any important bits and pieces hanging out and getting bumped into.

- Inexpensive. Definitely a throw away printer. Especially and the current advertised price. It would be cheaper to replace the printer than to replace in the ink cartridges.


- Useless Software. See above about the wireless issues. Also comes packaged with the usual and often pointless bloatware. I installed the "full package" initially while trying to get things figured out. Later I'll learn what I need and don't need and reinstall only the absolute bare requirements.

- Noisy when printing. Much noisier than the MX330 that it replaced.

- LCD screen hard to read. It really could use some back lighting. But at this price point, I don't see that happening.

I've done all the test printing and it works fine so far. Will update if/when anything changes.

10/21/2017 Update

It would appear that the printer did not like my old (ancient for an electronic device) router. Purchased a new router and the wireless side of things linked up and is working flawlessly. Added a star for that. But also learned that it's a bit picky about the paper you feed it. It doesn't really like heavier stock paper.
Handy wireless printer.

4.0 out of 5.0 by L. Marruquin on May 11, 2015
Had to use the manual connection setup menu to connect to my Uverse router, but the whole process took less than 5 minutes. Two laptops, one notebook and three phones successfully connected and printing. The print quality is great and the replacement ink is affordable.
Simply amazing!

5.0 out of 5.0 by ramazon_1 on July 20, 2017
Just the perfect printer I've ever used. Unfortunately, I've always had HP printers in the past and for years I've struggled to do simple basic printing, they all needed jumping through hoops. This experience continues from the $150 HP's to the $30 ones. This printer though is terrific. It doesn't come with a printer to USB cable but guess what I didn't need it, the set up is not fancy but totally works. The printer got up and running with my WiFi router and before I knew it I could start printing from my laptop or phone and the prints came churning out of the printer sitting on the other side of the room ! I might be too excited with this but admittedly I've never had such a smooth printing experience. I always assumed the seamless printers cost an arm and a leg. This one is a steal at $50 for what it offers. The scanner is a flat bed and works perfectly, that too over wifi ! I've not used the fax feature (duh) but it's good to know it has it. The one thing that's missing is double sided printing. Overall this printer gets a 6 out of 5 stars from me.
Lots of printing options and the Wifi works great!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Tracy Bittner on July 25, 2016
Great printer so far! We had an HP and the ink kept drying out as we use it infrequently. This has not happened with his printer. The inks must be a bit less exposed to the air. We also had no issues connecting it to our computers or WiFi and were able to start using it right away. I love that I can print directly from my Iphone also! It has been a wonderful addition to our home office.
Great, compact printer!

5.0 out of 5.0 by HM Chicago on May 28, 2015
This is a great, small printer for a home office. It's hard to find a white printer and one that takes up little space. I wouldn't recommend it for huge printing jobs, but it works really well for scanning, faxing and copying needs in your home office.
Please Don't Buy This Printer..

1.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on November 12, 2017
Just don't do it... I know the price is great and the you only need it for occasional use. But I would venture to say that occasional use is probably fairly important right? For me it was a mid-term for my MBA program. I needed to print my exam and then scan and submit as a PDF within 3 hours. Right off the bat, paper jam. Then..paper jam. After 15 minutes of fighting with this Godforsaken machine I got all 17 pages to print. I may be able to let that go as an isolated incident but when it came time to scan my completed exam, catastrophe. Strike One, it doesn't pull the papers in the correct order. Strike Two, it starts pulling papers in sideways. Strike Three, the the scanner jams with page 7 of my midterm crinkled within. FML. I probably wouldn't have written a review had that been the end of my printer woes but as of late (less than a month into owning this thing, I've probably printed a maximum of 30 pages) the printer won't load pages correctly it keeps pulling paper sideways and jamming.

This is a classic you get what you pay for, yes it checks all of the boxes in what you need from a printer (wireless, color, multi-page scanner) but I'm telling you this printer will let you down and most likely it will let you down when you need it most. So, just don't buy this thing. Spend a little extra and get something else.
Just Read the Insallation Instructions You’ll Be Fine

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jason Salas on December 26, 2017
Firstly, I would like to say that this printer has gotten a lot of poor ratings based upon the installation process alone. Having just installed it myself (on a laptop and phone), I can assure you that installation is fairly simple, so long as you READ the instructions and pay attention to the little arrows that help guide you to the pertinent steps based upon how you will be using the device. The first process is to physically set-up the printer, plug it in, turn it on and install the ink. The second step involves setting the printer up for either wireless or wired connectivity. When you reach the end of this step, the printer will be recognized by your computer, but will be unable to print because the drivers and software have not yet been installed on your device - the setup instructions at this point refer you to another instruction booklet which is found in the plastic bag of paperwork that came with your printer. This 2nd installation guide then takes you through the steps involved in installing the required software into your chosen devices. For a computer, this requires either going online and downloading the software or using the provided CD. For a phone, it requires downloading the app. Both downloads will then guide you through the remaining installation. Again, all you have to do is to take you time and read (and don’t get flustered by all the options you are given, just follow the arrows and read/follow the instructions YOU need to, based upon what device you are going to print from). I followed all the instructions and had the phone working in a couple minutes. The computer took a bit longer due to the lengthy download. Software and device seem fine. I have been using Canon printers for quite some time and have never had problems. This one seems to be a nice little printer for those who will not be doing a large amount of printing (If you plan to, buy a model that has separate color cartridges as you will save a bundle on ink in the long haul and will usually get better print quality). This was purchased as a replacement for a stand alone scanner that gave up the ghost and will not see much printing action (I use a laser printer for most of that). As with all reviews, feel free to take this one with a ‘grain of salt’; I have been messing with this kind of thing personally and professionally for some time and have installed a lot of printers. This was not hard to do and, I think, can be done by anyone who can both read and comprehend at the same time. I do not expect any problems with this printer, but will certainly update this review if some should arise. If this review is not updated, take that to mean that all is going well!